Holy Homous is a snack you can feel good about indulging in. We pride ourselves on providing a fresh and delicious product using ingredients that are packed with health benefits.


The chickpea, or garbanzo bean, is a very versatile legume. They are super rich in dietary fibre, a good source of protein, as well as a good source of energy thanks to its high levels of manganese and iron.


We love garlic. We use it liberally in our products for the flavour explosions it creates on the palate. It is also well known to have anti-inflammatory, anti-viral, and anti-bacterial properties. It’s loaded with vitamins and minerals and is high in antioxidants. It has been used throughout history for its health and medicinal benefits including boosting the immune system and fighting the common cold.

Olive Oil:

We use 100% olive oil which is what gives our homous that rich body of flavour. It also provides an excellent source of energy that is full of polyunsaturated and monounsaturated fats. These unsaturated fats help to lower bad cholesterol and help maintain a healthy heart. To use any other oil would be a disservice to the delicacy we call homous.


Our organic lemon juice is full of vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants. It is full of vitamin C, essential for maintaining a healthy immune system, and has been used for centuries to cure ailments and to remove toxins from the body. The list of uses for lemon juice is a long one and includes anything from curing insomnia, asthma, and acne, to fighting infections and stopping bleeding. There are plenty of good reasons to add a little lemon to your daily diet.

Roasted Red Peppers:

Did you know that bell peppers are actually fruits? They produce seeds and come from a flowering plant. They are also full of vitamins and minerals including vitamins A and C. They are a good source of calcium and aid in eye health and maintaining healthy skin. Try our Roasted Red Pepper Homous to add some of this delicious and healthy fruit to your diet.


Tahini is similar to peanut butter but instead of peanuts it is made from ground sesame seeds. It’s also the main component in that tasty steak sauce you get at Japanese restaurants. It is full of minerals such as magnesium, potassium, iron, an excellent source of calcium and it’s high in vitamins E, B1, B2, B3, B5, and B15.